Friday, June 09, 2006

Pinup Girls Clothing Brand Directory - Pinup Girl Clothing

Brand Directory: Barware Beauty Fiend Clothing BeadHead Pajamas Belt Buckles Belts Blue Q Bath & Body Products
Checkbook Covers Classic Hardware Jewelry Clubwear Creepers
Cufflinks Dickies Girl EC Star Clothing
Ed Hardy Clothing Ed Hardy Shoes Eldorado Club Jewelry Exotic Dancewear False Eyelashes & Fake Eyelashes Flip Flops & Thong Sandals
Flasks Flirty Lingerie Free Shipping Gifts For Guys Glenda Gies Purses Go-Go Boots
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Keychains Kustom Voodoo Hair Accessories L Erickson Hair Accessories Liquor Brand Clothing Lingerie Lucky 13 Apparel Lucky LooLoo Jewelry Lucky Lou Shoes
Lux De Ville Purses Men's Clothing Mis Cositas Purses Money Clips NYX Cosmetics Oilcloth Alley Retro Aprons Pantyhose Paper Doll Productions
Pinup Couture Pinup Couture Retro Dresses Pinup Couture Retro Swimwear
Pinup Girl Clothing Pinup Girls Clothing Models Pinup Hair Accessories Platform Shoes - Chunky Heel Poison Candy Fashion Popular Naughty Tees
Punkrose Shoes Punk Tees Retro-a-go-go Jewelry
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Revamp Productions Purses Rockabilly Clothing Roma Clubwear Sailor Jerry Clothing
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Soak Bath & Body Products Socks Sourpuss Clothing
Steady Clothing Steady Men's Clothing
Stockings Stripper Shoes & Exotic Dancer Shoes Summer & Casual Shoes Sweet Romance Jewelry
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TUK Shoes VaVaVa Voom Hair Accessories Volatile Shoes Wallets

Inaugural Post

Hello Everyone!

I'm Laura, your host, and Supreme Overlord of

Supreme Overlord sounds like an awesome job, but it mostly involves the following:

Editing, photoshopping, an resizing all of the photos that go on the website
Sitting in front of a computer uploading new items until my eyes start bleeding
Going to trade shows and buying tons of rockin' stuff for the website (this part is fun)
Being the foot model for our Shoes.

I also manage our eBay auctions and our MySpace Page.

When I'm not doing all of that stuff, I'm scheduling photo shoots, designing new stuff for our Clothing Line, and dealing with assorted day to day stuff.

When I'm not working, I spend time with my daughter, Milena, and my husband, John. Sometimes we take vacations. Vacations rock.

When we first started, back in 1999, I did, well, everything. I answered the phones, responded to the emails, and packed the orders. I did all of that until around 2002, and then I hired employees to help me out. That was a good thing, because I was getting a bit burned out.

We have the best employees anyone could ask for.

Tiffany, my assistant, yells at the contractors for me when they're late (which is all the time), and reorders all of our merchandise when we run out, which is also, all the time. She helps me with the wholesale end of the business as well.

Ariel and Mirna kick righteous ass in Customer Service: Answering phones and emails, processing the day's orders, editing the website to reflect inventory changes, and processing returns and exchanges.

Kevin, Tony and Valeria spend their days pulling stock and packing orders, as well as restocking new and reordered merchandise, and keeping track of our inventory.

Chelsea and Sandra work the Padasena store.

I hope to have some or all of our employees guest blog from time to time, so stay tuned!