Saturday, October 04, 2008

Pinup Lifestyle is a nifty community for retro and pinup afficionados - I just joined and I must say I am impressed with how easy it is to navigate the site, as well as all the features already offered. Check it out!

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Friday, October 03, 2008

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Attn: Photographers, Models, Makeup Artists and Stylists - Photo Studio Rental Space in Los Angeles

Pinup Girl Clothing's Supreme Overlord and in-house photographer has just opened an awesome new photography studio, which will also be available for rental on a day and half-day basis starting October 15th!

This studio was created as a result of Laura's frustration in trying to find decent shooting spaces that:

1) Worked really well for retro and vintage themed shoots

2) Didn't cost an arm and a leg

While we still pride ourselves in shooting at and promoting local retro and vintage themed locations, it became clear that not having a dedicated shooting space was hampering PUG's ability to get our stock photographed and added to the site quickly. Now, we've got a space to do everything from quick tabletop shoots to full catalog projects!

And, this space will be offered as a rental on any days it isn't booked by PUG.

Add the MySpace page: Film Noir Studios

Film Noir Studios is over 4800sq feet and boasts the following features:

12 foot ceilings

Exposed brick walls

Full daylight studio

Huge warehouse windows with southern exposure

Windows paned with translucent lucite to create a beautiful natural diffusion effect in photos

A variety of different flooring and wallcovering options
Moveable sets and stages

A fully stocked wardrobe closet featuring a huge selection of of retro and vintage inspired clothing, shoes an accessories

A state of the art 400sq foot vintage themed makeup area

A 4000sq foot fully finished roof deck with clear sky views and a working outside shower

Coming very soon (3 weeks):

A dedicated production office with wi-fi, laptop hookup, printer, and fax machine

Client and talent lounge

Working retro themed kitchen which will also double as a shooting set


Film Noir Studios is located in Los Angeles, 5 miles due south of Downtown Los Angeles, just off the Firestone Blue Line exit.

Rates are negotiable depending upon the shoot and your budget - message Film Noir through myspace for info regarding:

Group rates for photography classes
Rates for special events and workshops

Also see the Film Noir myspace page for photos of the studio and current sets. More will be added as the space nears completion.

We will be accepting bookings from October 15th onward.


Dixiefried Clothing has arrived at!

Please excuse my OMG ALL CAPS - but I am so freaking excited!!! You guys weren't the only people waiting anxiously for the newest collection in years from the very first vintage repro line ever, Dixiefried Clothing:

These amazing satin swing halter dresses fit like a dream and love girls with curves! We've had emails literally every day from customers asking about the new Dixiefried styles, so don't delay, these styles WILL sell out quickly!

More styles to come from Dixiefried over the coming weeks, keep your eyes on our blog to be the first to know when they are released!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Retro Dresses from Paper Doll Productions!

New retro dresses from Paper Doll Productions just added!

Our Paper Doll items always go fast - I'm not just saying this, guys - so snatch these up before your size sells out!

Available now at Pinup Girl Clothing!