Saturday, September 16, 2006

Just Added - Mis Cositas Bamboo Handle Purses

We just love these bamboo handle purses by Mis Cositas - made by hand right here in Los Angeles, these roomy totes are a runaway favorite at our Pasadena store, as well as with all of the staff here at the office! And, you can only get them online at Pin Up Girl.

Take a look at all of our new Mis Cositas purses!

Each purse features a removeable silk rose pin, as shown:

In Other News:

The following best-sellers are back in stock:

The Greta Dress in Black Stretch Satin - The Burgundy Satin version will be back in stock in time for the holiday season.

The Pencil Skirt in Black Cherry

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Just Added - Poison Candy Fashions

Pin Up Girl is proud to present these fantastic hanmade retro creations by Poison Candy Fashions - Bombshell dresses with fantastic fit and unique detailing.

Our favorite is the "I love Danger" Dress, shown above on my dear friend Asia. Asia and I met almost ten years ago, in Osaka, Japan. I will be forever grateful to her for being such a good friend to me during our time there, and for turning me on to Shabu-Shabu!

Check them out - more styles are on the way!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Just Added - New Classic Hardware ID Cases

Karyn at Classic Hardware has completely outdone herself with her newest line of ID & business card cases, pillboxes, and tampon cases. I think I'm going to have to switch out the ID and Tampon cases I'm currently sporting for these babies!

Check out all of the new styles here

In other news, the Diva Pinup cherry hair clips are expected to be back in stock within the next day or so. We sold out of the Eldorado Club Sparrow/Rose necklace featured below in less than a day, but Joe at Eldorado sent us an emergency shipment and they are back in stock again!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

A fan of Pin Up Girl turned us on to this website (and even created a user ID for us - what a sweetheart!), and I've gotta say, is one of the most amazing online shopping gadgets I've ever encountered. It allows you to do a plethora of fantastic things, like:

Online Bookmarking: After the incredibly easy and free registration process (simply choose a user ID and a password, and you're good to go!), you install a "bookmarklet" in your browser toolbar via a simple "drag & drop" process. Then, you'll be able to bookmark any fantastic item you see on any website, and the item will be saved to your own page on Stylehive.

Here's our page

Sharing your rockin' fashion finds with friends: Have you ever seen something online that you knew a friend would just adore? You'll no longer need to log in to your email in order to send a page to a friend - the bookmarklet allows you to email the page instantly!

As a wishlist with photos, prices, and a direct link to your item!: Tired of getting stuff you don't want? Bookmark stuff you love, and use your hive as a wishlist!

Every item you bookmark is added to the Stylehive archives, and this is the feature I love the best. It's been so much fun to browse the archives, finding links to fantastic stores and items. I need to warn you, though - it gets addictive!

I know it sounds like I must be getting a kickback from the Stylehive people or something, but the fact is, I just adore the concept of this site, and I know you guys will too. So check it out, join, and bookmark all of the stuff you love at Pin Up Girl (and other sites too, if you must)!

Monday, September 11, 2006

The Accessories Complete The Costume!

Well, it's official - the 2006 Halloween season is officially here at Pin Up Girl. We're getting about double the amount of orders we had this time last year, and we've moved to a 16-hour day in shipping (two shifts). In another two weeks, we'll be shipping around the clock.

Whenever we start to get busy, our response time for emails does go down slightly - but not by much, since we have hired seasonal employees. But we ask that you please keep this in mind when emailing and understand that we absolutely WILL respond to you!


This year, we have a ton of fantastic accessories to coordinate with our Halloween Costumes - Suzanne from The Diva Pinup was awesome enough to custom make us some amazing hair accessories for our Mermaid, Geisha, Fairy, and Roman/Greek Goddess costumes, and we spent the summer scouring our sources for fantastic necklaces, bracelets, and earrings to match many of our best selling costumes.

Take a look at all of our fantastic Halloween Costume accessories here!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Men's Halloween Costumes - Finally Added!

It was a small section, the men's Halloween costumes. Yet, I put it off almost forever. By the time I was done with the women's costumes, I was completely burnt out, and had to take a break. So, I've spent the last few weeks avoiding the Halloween section like the plaque, and focussing instead on getting all of our new streetwear added.

But with the amount of costume orders we're getting at this point (for example - today has been our busiest Sunday of the entire year, so far, and at least half of the orders are for Halloween items), it was getting increasingly foolish for me to neglect getting these costumes put up. And so, with my daughter off with her friends to the library (yes, the library, on a Sunday, for fun - that kid is weird, I tell you), and my husband down at the warehouse messing with our new inventory system, I was able to work sans distractions to finally get this section put together.

Behold, the Men's Halloween Costume Section!

Now that that's over with, I'm headed out to Saints & Sinners for a long-overdue night out with friends.