Friday, May 28, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend Bombshell Blowout!

Memorial Day Weekend Bombshell Blowout - 10% off your entire order using coupon code ccmemo upon checkout! But that's not all!! Last month we we offered a 10% off code with the chance to receive a store credit. Participation exceeded our expectations and the store credit reward for one person was $750! We're going to spread it around a little more this time and issue a few store credits instead of just one. AND because it's a holiday weekend, it's active for one extra day!

Some lucky people who use code ccmemo this weekend will not only get 10% off their entire order, but will also receive a nice big chunk o' store credit! How much store credit?? Depends on how many people participate! But at the very least it's going to be good, and it could be BIG!! We're basing it on a percentage of sales, so the sky's the limit!

Who gets the store credit? WE DON'T KNOW! But we're gonna pick a few people and we'll make it fair. Team Pinup will not be swayed by bribes or flattery, no favoritism, and it won't just be the biggest order gets it, we promise.

Now for some new stuff just hitting the site:

Dixiefried Glamour Top in Bleeding Rose

Veiled Hat with Roses

Black Satin Corset

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend, everyone - CCMEMO is active right now!

<3 from Team Pinup

The fine print:

  • Only one coupon code can be used per order - sorry, that's just the way it works!
  • Code expires Monday at midnight.