Thursday, May 21, 2009

Pinup Photoshoots in NYC and EUROPE with Laura & Micheline!

OK Guys, it's finally happening. Laura & I will be taking their pinup magic on the road in June - first to NYC, then to Berlin !

NYC: June 16th-25th

We are shooting these dates:
June 20th Saturday

June the 21st Sunday

Berlin : June 23-29th

We are shooting these dates:
June 25th Thursday

June 26th Friday

NYC: $500 - includes hair & makeup, 6 hi-res retouched final images, low-res image CD. SOME wardrobe provided

BERLIN : euro 500 - includes hair & makeup, 6 hi-res retouched final images, low-res image CD. SOME wardrobe provided, and much more for sale from Diana at Unlike-de


We have had a LOT of demand for these shoots and expect them to book quickly. So, if you are interested and would like to book a spot,, please email Micheline at:

PLEASE: Put either NEW YORK SHOOT or BERLIN SHOOT in the subject line of your email, so Micheline will know which shoot to contact you for.



Monday, May 18, 2009

Operation Bombshell Benefit Review in The LA Weekly!

I Love a Man in Uniform: Operation Bombshell Benefit with Diablo Cody and Lily Burana

Monday, May. 18 2009 @ 2:42AM
By Sophia Kercher in Events, Nightlife

View more photos in the "Operation Bombshell Burlesque" slideshow.

Timothy Norris
Lily Burana and Diablo Cody arrive for Benefit Operation Bombshell
Friday night at the razzle-tiki-dazzle new Trader Vic's at L.A. Live, Academy Award winner Diablo Cody and fellow seductress scribe Lily Burana presented an evening of burlesque. For those that have fantasized about Juno screenwriter babe Cody in the buck ever since seeing her in that leopard number at the Oscars, keep dreaming. Cody did not shimmy up and down the tiki bar but she did introduce a number of scantily clad beauties. The event was in support of former stripper Burana's latest book, I Love A Man in Uniform, and to benefit Operation Bombshell a burlesque school for military wives founded by the brazen Burana.

Cody appeared even more stunning in person than on the red carpet. Her hair cropped in a short pixie, blue eyes glowing and tats looking freshly inked on toned arms. She had a tall Mai Tai in hand and was surrounded by men that looked nineteen--my kind of girl. The room was spilling over with Angelenos that looked like they were ready to bust a swing move, pose for a pin-up calendar, sneak into a speak easy--or do all three.

Before the tassel-twirling began, Burana, who also penned the acclaimed Strip City, signed copies of her book. The blonde beauty had an approachable ease about her and was glowing from the big turnout of the glammed up crowd .

Timothy Norris
Ms. Redd comes undone
Inside, Cody continued to tease the crowd with the promises of arrivals of burlesque dancers. Finally, Ms. Redd took center stage. Appropriately dolled up in a military-style ensemble the flame-haired dancer couldn't shimmy her clothes off fast enough. "Take it off already," the audience shouted out.

Timothy Norris
La Cholita brings some color
After being encouraged to knock back a few more cocktails, La Cholita stormed the stage along with half the audience. You had to stand on your tippy toes to get a peak of flurries of her colorful samba-like dress, red-glitter lips and milky gyrating bosoms. Next, the room nearly ignited with heat when Masiumi Max commanded the stage in a scarlet cloak which was seductively removed to reveal red-hot pasties that were quickly cooled with a pitcher of water she splashed all over herself. Shouts from the audience confirmed this was the finale.

Timothy Norris
The smokin' hot Masuimi Max heats it up and cools it down with the water works during her performance
Fired up by the fleshy good times, the audience went to the bar. Arguably just as swoon-worthy as the girls--and not as long as a wait between sets--were Trader Vic's cocktails. From the Big Kahuna to the Tiki Bowl the drinks were as festive as the burlesque show. One favorite, for aesthetic enjoyment alone, was the Diablo Coffee. The brew was served with flaming blue liquor, blazing almost as bright as L.A. fires fueled by the Santa Anas, the flames were spooned into coffee tinged with cinnamon by the bartender. Next time the fiery Cody makes a visit to Trader Vic's, the drink has her name all over it.