Friday, June 16, 2006

Photo Shoot!!!!

I am very excited!

Sunday, we shoot photos with Octavio - and that's always a good time!

Here, we see Octavio showing us his leopard print silk boxers - as if there was any doubt to his underwear choices.

Anyhoo, Octavio is awesome and takes awesome photos and we love him.

One of my favorite things about Octavio is how he will get a model to do a certain pose by demonstrating it himself, first. Which means I get to see him straddle the hood of a car with his butt sticking out while he makes a kissy-face, and to be honset, there's literally nothing more entertaining than that. Nothing.

This Sunday, we're going to be shooting a whole mess of Sailor Jerry clothing, as well as some brand new Steady and Ed Hardy with our favorite guy model Daniel, and a brand new female model, who will have to be a surprise for you guys, because we're keeping her under wraps - we want her all to ourselves for at least a couple of weeks! She's just that awesome.

Well, that's it for today, but stay tuned - we will have a guest blogger over the weekend to regale you with tales of trade show fun!

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