Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Private Sales, Shoe Shows, and Halloween

So, right now we've got a private sale going on. It's going on until June 16th. All of the people who know about the private sale have a fabulous code they're entering at checkout to get 20% off their entire purchase.

"How do I get to participate in this private sale!!!??" you ask?

Simple - sign up for the newsletter. We send it out only once a month. And each month, we give you a sale code that lasts for three or four days, generally.

So, if you haven't signed up for the newsletter yet, you have, sadly, missed this month's sale. But - there'll be another sale in July!

If you're worrying that you'll give us your email address only to be inundated with spam emails from us - don't worry. Hell, you're lucky we get around to sending a newsletter once a month! We have to put notes on the calender here at the office - "Send Newsletter!!!!"

Honestly - we're too damned busy to spam you.

In Other News:

My assistant Tiffany and I went to a shoe show today. Shoe shows are the best thing ever. Shoes as far as the eye can see - and you buy 'em by the dozen!!!

I love shoe shows because they carry no "shopping guilt" for me. Everything we buy there - actually, everything we order; everything ships later - is for the site, so I don't feel bad about purchasing too much!

But, I have trained myself to follow the "hundred percent" rule. This applies to everything we buy to sell on the site, actually. If we're not "100%" - if we don't absolutely love it - we don't buy it.

Are the straps/trim/heel wrong? Rejected! Are the polka dots not quite right? No sale!!

We've found that if we break the Hundred Percent Rule, we pay for it later - as we watch the items collect dust on our shelves. So, it's 100% - or nothing!!

We went to the Jeffrey Campbell booth and tried to order more of these shoes, but alas! They are no more!!!

We were very sad. Thank God I grabbed a pair for myself before my size ran out!!

In Even More News

You crazy people are already ordering Halloween costumes! Oh My God!!!!!

I guess I should explain.

I have Halloween Season Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

I don't mean to cheapen this condition for people who have actual PTSD, but holy crap. You guys would not believe what happens here during the Halloween season.

On one hand, we love Halloween. Why? Because we sell costumes like mad. And who doesn't love selling stuff like mad?

But, being the owner, that means that when we get loads of orders, and everyone starts working overtime to make sure we ship everything on schedule, I show up and work the night shift, usually for 16-20 hour stretches.

It sucks, but it needs to be done. I've done it for three years running, and I'm pretty sure I'll do it this year, too.

"Why don't you hire more people??" you ask. Well, we do. And each year, we get more orders than we dreamed we would, and we all end up working like monkeys on speed for 6 weeks straight.

And each year, people start buying earlier and earlier.

Now, I actually prefer that customers buy costumes in June and July. It's a fabulous wonderful thing! You're assured that your choice is in stock, and that you'll get it before Halloween. Believe me when I say it's much better then ordering a popular costume five days before Halloween, getting the "sold out" email, and flipping out. Nobody wants that. Advance planning is key for a happy Halloween.

I'm just getting a little nervous at the fact that the orders are starting so early this year. I'm still not over the trauma of last year!

But this year, we've instituted a few new bells and whistles that we think will make Halloween a lot easier for both us, and our customers. But we can't tell you what they are because we want to keep a leg up on our competition. I'm all for competition, but I won't let you copy my homework, if you know what I mean.

OK, that's it for today, I'm off to bed.

Tomorrow, I'll talk about some new stuff we'll be adding to the site soon!

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