Sunday, September 10, 2006

Men's Halloween Costumes - Finally Added!

It was a small section, the men's Halloween costumes. Yet, I put it off almost forever. By the time I was done with the women's costumes, I was completely burnt out, and had to take a break. So, I've spent the last few weeks avoiding the Halloween section like the plaque, and focussing instead on getting all of our new streetwear added.

But with the amount of costume orders we're getting at this point (for example - today has been our busiest Sunday of the entire year, so far, and at least half of the orders are for Halloween items), it was getting increasingly foolish for me to neglect getting these costumes put up. And so, with my daughter off with her friends to the library (yes, the library, on a Sunday, for fun - that kid is weird, I tell you), and my husband down at the warehouse messing with our new inventory system, I was able to work sans distractions to finally get this section put together.

Behold, the Men's Halloween Costume Section!

Now that that's over with, I'm headed out to Saints & Sinners for a long-overdue night out with friends.


Michele said...

How about a pilot costume for a male and flight attendant for female... do you offer that?

Laura said...

Yes - the men's pilot costume was the only one I failed to upload yesterday. I'll get that one added today. There's one or two women's airline attendant costumes in the "Badass babes" category, I believe.