Monday, September 25, 2006

A Perfect Day -

Shooting Amie, Masuimi, and Daniel at Saints & Sinners with Photo God Octavio and Jeanette on hand to get everything started without me (for alas, I am always late), and to help with the drinking of the special Friend o' Saints & Sinners $2 drinks (or is that the hopeless alcoholic special? I should find out...)!

Shooting with this particular gang of folks is always great, in large part because neither Amie, Daniel, or Masuimi are physically capable of taking a bad photo. Seriously - I edit Octavio's images now, so I can say this with complete confidence. Add to this the fact that we all generally hang out even when we're not shooting, and the shoot becomes a mini-party - one with Masuimi changing her clothes in full view of the few Saints & Sinners patrons who arrived just after the place officially opened (Poor dudes - "I swear, I walked into this bar and Masuimi was changing right there!!!", they'll say - but no one will believe them!).

Anyway, I hope to have a few teasers from the shoot to post here very soon, as well as some candid shots taken by Jeanette and Daniel (I believe Jeanette captured Daniel and me swing dancing to Louis Prima at one point). As for the items we shot? I am going to do my very best to get them added to the site within the next two weeks or so - but it is the Halloween season, so it may be a bit longer.

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