Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Saturday, 2am:

Laura: *Sitting up late with one of her oldest friends talking about stuff*

John (Laura's Husband and the website tech guy): *tinkering with website*

Laura: John, you should really go to bed. You look tired.

John: I just need to do this one thing...

Laura: Are you sure you should be messing with that at this time of night? While you're tired?

John: Don't worry. I'll be done in a minute.

Laura: Okay, babe.

John: *finishes tinkering, goes to bed*

The next morning:

5794793 Customers, via email: Hey, I'm trying to access your site, but it won't come up.

Laura: John, you tinkered with the website at 2 in the morning while you were tired, and now it's not loading.

John: OH SHI- *tinkers urgently*

It's fixed now, kids.

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