Tuesday, September 12, 2006


A fan of Pin Up Girl turned us on to this website (and even created a user ID for us - what a sweetheart!), and I've gotta say, Stylehive.com is one of the most amazing online shopping gadgets I've ever encountered. It allows you to do a plethora of fantastic things, like:

Online Bookmarking: After the incredibly easy and free registration process (simply choose a user ID and a password, and you're good to go!), you install a "bookmarklet" in your browser toolbar via a simple "drag & drop" process. Then, you'll be able to bookmark any fantastic item you see on any website, and the item will be saved to your own page on Stylehive.

Here's our page

Sharing your rockin' fashion finds with friends: Have you ever seen something online that you knew a friend would just adore? You'll no longer need to log in to your email in order to send a page to a friend - the bookmarklet allows you to email the page instantly!

As a wishlist with photos, prices, and a direct link to your item!: Tired of getting stuff you don't want? Bookmark stuff you love, and use your hive as a wishlist!

Every item you bookmark is added to the Stylehive archives, and this is the feature I love the best. It's been so much fun to browse the archives, finding links to fantastic stores and items. I need to warn you, though - it gets addictive!

I know it sounds like I must be getting a kickback from the Stylehive people or something, but the fact is, I just adore the concept of this site, and I know you guys will too. So check it out, join, and bookmark all of the stuff you love at Pin Up Girl (and other sites too, if you must)!


Stephanie Wong said...

Hi Laura,

Many thanks for praises about Stylehive. We're thrilled that you are finding the site useful, and yes it can become addictive.

Wow, I see that you are located in Pasadena. You are lucky to live so close to the Rosebowl and PCC flea markets. Two of my favorite haunts for fab vintage finds.

Stephanie Wong
Editor, Stylehive

Laura said...

Hi Stephanie,

Thanks for your comments!

You're right, it's great being so close - our brick & mortar store is only a block & a half from PCC. We usually have a sidewalk sale every month that coincides with the PCC swap meet.

I really, REALLY love Stylehive - not only is it a fun concept, but I think it holds so much potential in so many ways! As an everchanging, interactive, organic shopping hub. As an online wishlist. As a way for online stores to announce their newest item additions. It's simply fantastic.

I would love to see the "Wishlist" feature made easier to use, though - and I think it would be great if Stylehive users could keep track of their friends on the site similarly to the "friends" feature on MySpace - I think it would be great if users could click directly from the page on their hive to a friend's hive to view their most recent bookmarks. At this point, it seems that the only way to do this is by manually entering the URL into the browser or by finding one of their bookmarks on the hive.



Sabrina Yeung said...

Dear Laura,

We're so glad you love Stylehive - that's what we hope for. Thanks for spreading the word!

How timely that you should make these suggestions! Coincidentally, these are the next two big features we will be adding to Stylehive. Wishlists should be out within the week and Follows for friends will be out in 2 weeks. Please keep a lookout for these cool new features and let us know how you like them!

Thanks again!

Laura said...

Yay! I'm so glad! Those were the two things I kept thinking would be a perfect fit for the Stylehive interface. All other wishlist systems are very clunky and hard to use, but Stylehive is tailor-made for that sort of thing, so it's a perfect fit!