Friday, March 30, 2007

LOADS of New Arrivals: Retro Dresses & Retro Clothing

So, I've spent the last three days holed up in my office like a veal, doing almost nothing besides uploading like a maniac.

Every muscle in my body aches. I might possibly have a repetitive stress injury. But gosh darnit, do I feel accomplished!

Take a look at some of the awesome new stuff we've just added in Streetwear, including some new brand additions - All Mighty Clothing and Misery Boutique!!

New Arrivals from EC Star Clothing

Lucky 13 Clothing

Switchblade Stiletto

Paper Doll Productions

Steady Clothing

And Introducing: two fantastic additions to the best selection of fun, retro clothing, shoes, & accessories on the planet - All-Mighty Clothing and Misery Boutique!

All-Mighty Clothing

Misery Boutique

Now, run along and check out all the new stuff - don't let my upper back pain be for nothing, damnit.

Available now at!
Pinup Girl Clothing - The Best Selection of Fun, Retro Clothing, Shoes & Accessories on the Planet


Queen of Suburbia said...

Love the styling on the dresses - very '50's!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I think somebody's upset because they can't average more than 12 orders a day. I bet it's very hard being a bad imitation of something awesome. We should be more understanding.

Anonymous said...

I agree with anonymous! Incredibly sexy dresses, professional models, great settings, fantastic photographs...WHAT A BORE!!!

Haven't ya heard? Sub-par copycat sites are all the rage!

Anonymous said...

any retro/rockabilly site that doesnt have bernie dexter all over it totally gets my vote! awesome to see NZ gear here too

Masuimi & Violet xox !

Anonymous said...

haha Bernie Dexter...hellooooo 1999!

Pinup Girl is the best.

Masuimi=swoon. Violet=hubba hubba. Amie Decker=My lord! Heidi Van Horne=meow. AND Lily Burana=WOW impressive.

Keep on a doin' whatcha do, Pin Up Girl!

Anonymous said...

omg these pics are so hawt!!!!! Love the stuff, you guys rule school!

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, sooooo boring - yet most of the stuff listed here is almst sold out, if the available sizes indicate anything. What's that, 4 days or something?

Pinup Girl's stuff is so boring, it flies off the shelves! I bet a LOT of sites wish they were that boring, ha ha!

Anonymous said...

I don't get all the Bernie hate. The first company to use Bernie as a clothing model was Pinup Girl, back in 2002, I believe.

I love her but truthfully don't see her as a PUG model - she doesn't exude the same sort of sex appeal that the other top pinups do, and PUG is all about sex appeal!

Nothing can top Masuimi Max, she's one of the sexiest women alive!

Anonymous said...

LOL Oh shit did you see her most recent blog entry? "Featured Pinup Girl" - now that's original!

God, she must be desperate for business if she needs to copy other websites, but she's just shooting herself in the foot. It's such a small scene. doesn't she realize that her customers have most likely ordered from/been on PUG, and know they've seen it all here first? They're going to be completely turned off by such blatant wannabe tactics.

Also Laura, don't you have your site name trademarked? That copycat "Pinup girls clothing" page is a clear, malicious violation. All the courts need to see is an intent to mislead the customer - and with all these other things she's done - the FAQ, the return customer coupon, the "featured Pinup Girl" text - the intent is completely clear cut.

And yes, I am a lawyer, thank you :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Anne,

Yes, I do have my site name, clothing line name, etc trademarked, for over a year now, and of course, the applications were in well before that time. Also, as you know, judges also look at how long one's website/web name has been in continual use (in my case, since June 1999), and whether or not customers associate the words in that domain name with the business.

I have been in contact with my attourneys since I became aware of the situation, and I have documented everything. Bizarro Pinup Girl is really digging herself one large hole, and at some point it's going to be too deep for her to climb out of.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, looks like someone's using firefox and refreshing, refreshing, refreshing... ha ha ha

tsk, I wonder what it feels like to be third-rate?

Anonymous said...

Don't you remeber, she's got a LAWYER IN THE FAMILY!!! That means she can infringe on PUG's trademarks with impunity! I mean, a company that does millions of dollars a year in business couldn't POSSIBLY have the capital or lawyers to successfully protect themselves from sad little copycats who have lawyers - in FAMILIES!!!

Vanessa Cheatwood said...

I don't get all the Bernie hate. The first company to use Bernie as a clothing model was Pinup Girl, back in 2002, I believe.

I love her but truthfully don't see her as a PUG model - she doesn't exude the same sort of sex appeal that the other top pinups do, and PUG is all about sex appeal!

Nothing can top Masuimi Max, she's one of the sexiest women alive!

Aww, it's not Bernie hate! Bernie is beautiful...and that's why PUG used her as a face of their line years ago. But that's just it...a true innovator actually finds talent and maximizes it continuously. Now that every website on the block has said "Oooh, everyone else is doing it, must use Betty...I mean Bernie!" the effect is lost. Plus, it's many years later. Companies should always be looking for fresh faces, and someone to truly embody their image each and every year. That's what PUG does so amazingly.

Masuimi is the perfect sexy model for right now, but knowing PUG, they won't stop there. Constant evolution, constant innovation, and constant growth are what have made THE site to imitate.

The imitators...well, they just keep on trying to catch up!

Anonymous said...

Vintage Bernie Dexter for Pinup Girl Clothing - Like, forever ago

Laura said...

Constant evolution, constant innovation, and constant growth are what have made THE site to imitate.

Exactly, exactly! I mean, while my first reaction to such blatant imitation is "What the hell, lady?", I'm always warmed a little by it, you know? because it's nice being the one others want to emulate. If PUG was crap, nobody would pay it any mind. But the fact that other sites use PUG as a template shows me that I'm clearly doing something VERY right - and that always feels good!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, now she's venting on her blog and insulting the So. Cal. Rockabilly scene - way to go!

Sounds like sour grapes to me!

Honey, why don't you quit stalking - it's unseemly, you're embarrasing yourself - and try to do something fresh, new, and original?

I'm sure that saying about teaching old dogs new tricks - while insanely apt for this particular situation - is just that, a saying!

Don't limit yourself! Frank McCourt wrote his first book at age 66! You can do something important too, if you just try!

Radha said...

What the fuck IS "boho", anyway??? Like, other than gross?

Burning Man = A vision of hell today!!!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha

Boho, whatever. Not my thing but if anyone else wants to rock it, enjoy.

Anonymous said...

boho is ugg boots, big florals, and giant saggy handbags. oh and lots of patchouli oil. all worn together. maybe with a floppy hat. i think?

what really lololz me is the fashion 'exclusives' on that site, which are plainly on other sites as well. wtf?

Lolita said...

Here's what I don't get. Say I wanted to open a store or start a website. Say I had this vision for what I wanted to sell, how it should look, etc. Then, of course, I would thoroughly research my concept. If I found another website doing all the same stuff I wanted to do, selling the same products, using the same models, colors, etc....I would think "Hmm, guess I need to tweak my concept..." because I would HATE to be called an imitator! Even if my ideas were 100% my own, I'd have to alter them if I saw that someone else was doing the same thing already. Call it the cosmic unconsciousness at work, or whatever. But I'd have to shift my vision because it was already being done.

What I would not do is try to ride off someone else's coat-tails, whether I'd come up with the ideas coincidentally or not. It's unethical. It's tacky. And I would never want to be known to vendors and customers as the tacky, unethical version of a bigger, already known site.

I'd want to be known for doing something original...not just trying to battle someone for a market they'd already been successful in for years.

Anonymous said...

When starting a new business or website, one should definitely look at other businesses and websites - and then say "How can I do this BETTER", not "How can I be just like them".

Because otherwise, you don't end up with a great website. You end up with a third-rate, crappy looking version of something infinitely better.

Also, why on earth would you use your competitor's name as a keyword all over your site? A customer sees that and goes, "Oh, right - Pinup Girl Clothing! That site rules! *click off*" - and just goes there.

It's like walking into a Barnes & Noble and seeing a bunch of signs that say "!!!!"

Ha ha ha ha

Rose Devine said...

You guys have been to another site for retro gear? WHY BOTHER?!? The only way I can be assured of not wearing the same dress as 50 other chicks at every event is to always go with pin up girl clothing!

PUG 4 Life!!!