Monday, March 26, 2007

Revamp Productions Purses - New Styles Just Added!

With loads more on the way!

Remember, guys, all of our Revamp Productions Purses are in stock and ready to ship! And, all Revamp Purses with a value of $200 or more will receive an Express Mail upgrade at no extra charge! Buy it today, and have it in time for Viva Las Vegas!

The fantastic Tidal Wave Barkcloth Purse from Revamp Productions

The badass, silver metalflake car vinyl "Meteor" Purse

The fabulous gold & black brocade "Dirty Martini" Purse from Revamp

Not only are these fantastic Revamp purses absolutely perfect for Viva, but they make a birthday/anniversary gift your babe will love forever!

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Anonymous said...

I am so excite that you're finally selling Revamp on your site! And that you actually have them in stock! That's a step up from the last online store I tried to order a Revamp purse from. It turned out that the site didn't even order the bags themselves until I placed my order, and I had to wait weeks for the bag to come in stock. I was leaving for vacation and wanted so badly to take it with me, but it didn't arrive in time. Needless to say, I'll never be ordering from the other site again!

jenna said...

Just got my Revamp purse (in record time!) and it is every bit as fantastic as it looks. This is going to be my GOING OUT SOMEWHERE NICE bag forever!!!