Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Pinup Girl Costumes - In Stock Now!

Halloween is here, and our Halloween Costumes are selling fast!

Get these super cute Pinup Girl Sailor Costumes while they're still available:

Get them before they go away at Pinup Girl Clothing!!


Sonya said...

Can I just say....no I WILL say...you ladies ROCK!!!! I can't wait for a retail location to be found so that I can come and try things on my new mommy body. My 'younger' me would have been easier to dress...not the 'newer' me!! :)

Best of luck to you all and hope you don't mind if I plug you in a future post on my blog! Wishing you had a button to add to my sidebar too! :)

Take Care!

MyRideisMe.com said...

Very cool clothing and a great blog. I love the Halloween outfits.
I'm linking to pinupgirlclothing.com at my new website blog: http://www.myrideisme.com/Blog/dayna-deluxe-october-pinup-of-the-month/

Please check it out.