Monday, January 26, 2009

Lily Burana in Pinup Couture on the cover of her newest book!

I just recently had the honor of shooting the cover of my dear friend Lily's new book - I Love A Man In Uniform.

Not to date myself or Lily, but Lily, along with my best friend Vanessa, was one of my very first photographic "muses". They would follow me into graveyards, abandoned hospitals, and boy scout camps in the wilds of Staten Island, trusting me to make the resulting photos worth their while. The three of us were old hands at guerrilla, permit-free, punk rock photo shoots. I owe a lot to them both for being the resident hotties who helped me hone my photographic skills.

Lily flew out last month, and we spent the day shooting the cover for her newest book:

Hair and makeup by the always amazing Micheline Pitt, and yes, that IS the Black & Red Dayna Dress on the cover!

The book will be available in bookstores everywhere this Spring. Congratulations, Lily!



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