Monday, July 23, 2007

Retro Shoes and Retro Pumps - A Ton of New Styles Just Added!

We've just added over 40 new styles of Summer (and some early Fall) Styles, Click Here to see them all!

We've put together a slideshow of many of the new styles, take a look:

Available now at!


Lauren said...

Beautiful new additions, as always. One request: could you please be sure to include the material listings for all of your shoes? It's hard to tell if a material is animal-skin or synthetic, and I'm only looking for the latter. Thanks!

Laura said...

Hi Lauren,

Thanks, I'm glad you like them! Generally, we will list that an item is leather/genuine suede if it isn't synthetic - so a good rule is that if you don't see "leather" listed, it's synthetic. However, we are going to try to list all man-made items as such from here on in, since we do get this request a lot!

Anonymous said...

hi laura, when are your fall dresses going to be ready! - Rachael xx

Laura said...

We're going to start releasing them in late august, with most of the holiday styles coming in mid-November.

Anonymous said...

sneak preview! pretty pleeeeez puppies and kittens? :)