Tuesday, September 04, 2007

EC Star Clothing, Retro Sunglasses, and Steady Clothing New Additions!

Hey Guys!

The PUG crew just returned from a week at MAGIC, the world's largest trade show for retail store buyers. We had an amazing booth (built by my husband John, and Joe of Eldorado Club Jewelry), and we set our all time sales record for MAGIC by 2pm on the first day - so expect to see Pinup Couture in a lot of your local retro and rockabilly stores in a few months. And, if you don't see it - ASK THEM!

Here's a photo of our MAGIC booth. It rocked the hardest. You may notice some new dresses - those are our Fall & Spring 2008 styles. We will have a preview for you guys very soon!

Anyway, we're back and we just added a bunch of great new items to the site:

Fantastic Mod Dresses and More from EC Star:

Rockin' Retro Sunglasses from Tres Noir and AJ Morgan:

More colors of Our Very Popular Sequined Hair Flowers:

Super Cute Cuffed Capris from Paper Doll Productions:

And Brand New Additions from Steady Clothing:

All Available Now at PinUpGirlClothing.com!

Pinup Girl Clothing - The Best Selection of Cute, Retro Clothing, Shoes, and Accessories on the Planet!


Anonymous said...

Oh looord. I want to see the Fall & Spring 2008 line now! You're such a tease for posting that picture. ;D
I ordered some clothing from you guys about a week ago and I recieved it yesterday. I'm so very happy with everything; the clothes, the shoes, the jewelry, the purse.. I just want more, more, MORE!! :D

Solveig Antonia,

TheMechanic said...

That was a great looking booth you had at Magic!

- Misa [09.12.2007.10:24am]

Anonymous said...

Love it your so beautiful and the fashion is amazing ! Im in love with retro! Especially vintage sunglasses!