Thursday, October 09, 2008

Masuimi Max and Laura Byrnes "Interview" La Cholita

Ok, I admit it - we had a little bit to drink before the interview.

Just a little!!!!

The next "Hard-On For Trouble" will be November 22nd at Safari Sam's - stay tuned for more details!!



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CaLi4nYa GrOwN !!! lEi LoC! said...

I HELLA luv Masuimi Max!!! Seen her on playboy channel recently, I was all excited to see how this pin up shit is blowing up! AND La Cholita is SUPER HOT too, she does remind alot of the cholas down here in the CeNtRaL bAy ArEa 408-831! But I hella luv her Mod-Gangsta appeal much more! I don't conform myself to just one or two styles, but I'm MOST PROUD to be a part of the RETRO-PINUP style and culture and the individuality that it brings me especially around here!!! I've only seen a handful of people who look like that around here and people say I'm crazy and brave to dress like this, but also think I am unique with a classic original and gorgeous look too... I just luv the attention, hehe! Laura Brynes, I give you a standing round of applause and HELLA dapp for doing what you do and doing it SO HELLA WELL!!!! Keep doing what you do!

A'ight then, Lei(26) Marina, CA.